Foundations & Capabilities

Gobi Saha (Chemical engineer & MBA graduate) began Kal-Trading in 1992. As the industry boomed and the plastics industry began to grow Gobi realized an opportunity in the industry and a way to help the environment by reusing the post industrial plastic parts going to landfills.

Fast forward to 1993, Kal-Trading opened its first warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario on Airport Road. The location was approximately 18,000 square feet and as business continued to grow so did the company’s capabilities. From Plastics trading company began the transformation to a plastics & raw materials manufacture & supplier. Along with the new manufacturing facilities and equipment came the company’s first employees and Kal-Trading continued to grow.

Through cultivating relationships and supplying quality material to customers Kal-Trading continued its growth trajectory and the company continued to expand. In 1996 Kal-Trading had approximately 15 employees and started to outgrow the manufacturing facility. The company moved to a Brampton location which doubled our size to around 32,000 square feet. Along with the growth came more warehousing capabilities and more space to facilitate manufacturing.

As the years continued to go by Kal-Trading began building a reputation of being a knowledgeable plastics reprocessing & raw material provider. By the new millennium Kal-Trading had established itself as a force in the plastics compounding industry.

In 2002 the company had reached a point at which the Brampton location was no longer large enough for the company to grow in and so Kal-Trading moved to its current location on Wolfedale Road in Mississauga. The location quadrupled the size of the previous location and created much more room for growth and development.

With the company’s increased capacity new processing capabilities were soon to follow. The company added reprocessing facilities which allowed for us to reprocess more materials and a laboratory which would be able to test the properties of incoming feedstock and outgoing raw materials. Kal-Trading’s name continued to be associated with quality reprocessed resins and the company began to establish its presence in North America through various trade shows, conferences and associations. This expanding name allowed us to further position ourselves as a top tier raw material supplier in North America.

Throughout the new Millennium Kal-Trading continued to grow its facilities and capabilities as well as partnerships and associates. Some of the capabilities that have developed through the 2000’s were blending capabilities, increased grinder and reprocessing capabilities, Melt flow Index, filler, density, IZOD impact, and tensile among others.

During the recession Kal-Trading was able to maintain a positive growth trend increasing our volumes and bringing on more staff. This showed the strength and perseverance of the company and the confidence of our customers and suppliers in Kal-Trading’s ability.

As we now look at the present the plastics r
ecovered has continued to grow and evolve, it has becomea global priority and multiple new technologies are being developed for the industry. As of 2014 Kal-Trading has again reached into the realm of challenging materials and is now able to work with painted parts, materials with prints and even has the ability to de-metalize & de-volatize materials. With heavy investment in new technologies our production and sales have increased exponentially

Our Laboratory has expanded and began to create solutions for challenging materials includes difficult to reprocess post-industrial plastics.(For more information on our Laboratory please view our laboratory section)

Kal-Trading has become ISO: 9001 certified and is continuing on a path of development and growth. Along with ISO certification, Kal-Trading has brought and continues to bring new equipment to help increase capacity, output, and quality. We have significantly increased our blending capacity, increased our quality control through the purchase of FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy), NIR (Near-infrared spectroscopy), will be introducing polymer separators and colour separators and continue to utilize advances in technology to help us develop and reprocess plastics more efficiently and effectively.

Kal-Trading is a company that arose from humble beginnings and has become a notable name in the industry today. As the environment becomes a larger focus globally, Kal-Trading continues to innovate and instill change in the way we recovered plastics today.

Working together to help build a more sustainable future.



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