Kal-Polymers has invested in qualified human resources and high tech equipment to find innovative solutions for recovery and reuse of challenging materials, currently being land filled. It is also introducing cost effective processing aids – desiccant, melt flow promoter, impact modifier, purging agents and compatabilizer- to the North American industry to help them find cost effective solutions to their dynamic and consistent processing requirements.

Auto Part Recovery

Bumper to Bumper Recycling ( Depainting auto bumpers)

North America generates a large volume of  Automobile painted bumper scrap. Although, painted auto bumpers are recyclable, its properties deteriorate due to the  presence of  paint, thereby limiting its reuse. Its supply exceeds the demand  and these volumes are either sent overseas or are land filled. Kal-Polymers has invested millions of dollars in a high tech equipment to de-paint bumpers into unpainted reusable pellets, with properties near to the unpainted bumper grade TPO.  Its proprietary manufacturing process, developed by its technical personnel,  utilizes dry process to de-paint the bumper scrap, avoiding the use of any chemicals / additives. It is a cost effective and  environmentally friendly solution in recovering and  reuse of  painted bumper scrap. It will allow automotive part manufacturers to reuse the reprocessed TPO  and achieve cost reduction  initiatives.

Dashboard Skin Recycling

Dashboard skins normally contain cross-linked foam, which is non-recyclable, and millions of pounds of scrap are being sent to landfills each year. Our laboratory has been able to deduce a solution to remove the cross linked foam without the use of any harmful chemicals. We are currently undertaking trials and it will be commercialized soon. Auto parts manufacturers will be able to reintroduce this material back into their product lines.

Trunk Liners

Trunk liners are a complex product of PP/PET, this material is non-recyclable and millions of pounds are being land filled. Currently we are conducting trials and are confident in determining a solution.

Packaging Industry


The packaging industry is evolving at a rapid pace especially in the area of food packaging. In order to keep food fresh without the use of preservatives, a lot of innovations have been made to primary packaging films and materials. This has led to introduction a variety of barriers, laminations, co-extrusions, metalizing, and coatings to film packaging.
This has been an environmental concern as these films become unrecyclable with challenges for reuse. With a combination of new technology and our laboratory expertise we have been able to find a solution to produce reusable pellets in a one step process opposed to the original three step process. This not only reduces the waste going to landfills but reduces the amount of energy used in the recycling process.

Non-reclaimable waste

Carpet fibers, yarns, and non-wovens generate un-reclaimable waste in the form of fluff, fines, purge, and bleeds. These are difficult to recycle and on many occasions are sent to landfills.

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